Turning point in life
I can remember the exact moment when I realized my life was about to change. It was in August of 1993. I hadn't released an album yet, but 'Loser' was a hit on the radio, and I'd gone up to Seattle to record One Foot in the Grave [his 1994 acoustic album of slightly twisted country-blues and folk tunes]. I was on a bill with four other bands for a Sunday concert, and I spotted a girl in the audience who was about 14 years old and had my name written on her forehead in Magic Marker. It absolutely terrified me, and I don't know why. Maybe if I'd been a little older or was in a band with some friends, I would've enjoyed that moment, but for me, it all happened so fast and so awkwardly.

McKenna, Kristine, 'Junkman's Journey', LA Weekly, 23 June 2000