beck! beck! beck! began at in August 1999 as a not-too-good-but-not-appallingly-bad fansite. Everything was going smoothly until stopped hosting free sites and I realized “Man, you gotta pay for this type of junk? Damn!”

And so I did. In October 2001 I bought as the new home for my Beck site. I ended up extending it beyond the realm of just Beck, and my fansite moved to Things went pretty smoothly until I decided “Well, I gotta pay for this, but maybe I can pay a bit less.” So I switched webhosts the following year, during which it died for about a month. But it kicked back into life at some point and everything was going well…

...until June 2003 when my host decided to die and take my website with it. Not wanting to let my website rot and grow worms inside my computer, I decided to get yet another host and try my luck. I’m expecting it to die anyday now, or malfunction in some way, but until today it’s been working well (today is Tuesday). Since I got a reseller package I decided to move my Beck site again and hopefully for the last time to

And that is the journey of this lowly Beck site. Through multiple concussions and address changes, it still exists. It’s THE WEBSITE THAT JUST WON’T DIE NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS TO IT! It must be the Beck vibes.

While the point of this site is to pay homage to Beck in some kind of way, I’ve never really figured out what the real goal of it is. There is a great lack of information (check out links to other pages) and then there isn’t anything very special about it either. I am truly thankful to any of you guys out there that have actually been visiting my site since the days, or to anyone that keeps coming back here.

If you are feeling nice, you can sign the guestbook. Little things like that really are appreciated.

And, lastly…I like Beck. :)

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e-mail: roboppy at (If you’ve sent stuff to my beckbeckbeck email address and I never replied, I’m really sorry about that; I tend to forget it exists. Gmail all the way!)
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